Everything we do is done with the heart

Our family business is based on the values we want to stand for together with our guests – connection to our true nature, who we are at heart, sustainable in all areas of our lives, living a full and balanced life, happiness, simplicity, kindness, well-being, and joy of living.
We aim to provide perfect rest for all those who love to travel, enjoy life, taste good local food, and revitalize themselves, surrounded by pure nature and a clean blue sea.

Our family

It’s been more than 18 years since our family came from Slovenia to this old village, located in the heart of the island of Krk, and found an old stone house with a barn. At first glance, we fell in love with it. The manifestation of a long-standing desire happened, becoming a reality.

It was a new path for all of us.

A great deal of renunciation and complete commitment was required to follow this path. It became a way of living for me and my family. As the Alchemist said: “The path is a treasure by itself”,  and if you find the treasure at the end of the path – that beautiful place with a special meaning – it’s what you’ve always dreamed about and your life is fulfilled.


Your host

My name is Petra and I’m daughter of Hermina and Zvone, who started with this beautiful project. All communication with you will go through me and I’ll gladly assist you with any accommodation enquiries. For more info, please contact: contact us.


My name is Petra and I’m daughter of Hermina and Zvone, who started with this beautiful project. All communication with you will go through me and I’ll gladly assist you with any accommodation enquiries. For more info, please contact: contact us.

The story of “THE EIGHTH”

Beyond the story:

Once upon a time, there was (and still is) a woman with a dream. An untamed woman, wild in spirit. A woman who dreamed about a place where everything she always desired becomes a reality. In her way. And she plucked up the courage to make those dreams come true. Together with her family. Thanks to the understanding and support of her closest ones, she became completely devoted to following the Path.


Dreams do come true

Being a good mom. Being a wife, friend, daughter and successful businesswoman. Being a social activist and volunteer. Being a role model. Acting by example and not acknowledging the limitations of the body – and mind. I was able to do all this for a while.

But pulling the daily workload at full capacity, setting priorities, making quick decisions, raising children, education after work, and not getting enough rest to revitalize strength all took a toll. Stress slowly and insidiously overspills into burnout and health issues. Things don’t work out so well. This leads to collapse and time stops. Health care becomes the foundation of action. Then comes the economic crisis and sobering. Loss of a job when, in an instant, everything she believed in and worked for crumbles to dust. The recognizability of the feeling that we’re all interchangeable, that in the business world only your use-value counts. As long as you keep giving. More and more, yet never enough. That’s the harsh reality of relationships based on making a profit. For the owners. Then came the premature death of my mother and a deep awareness of the transience of life. When the moment comes, you wonder: why am I here? What’s my deeper purpose? The mission? Does it even exist? What would you like to leave behind?

It was a time of decision.

Turn over a sheet of paper and rewrite the story of Life on a white, blank sheet of paper.  About the way you love. About the things you always wanted.  What gives you energy and is a source of the infinite circle of motivation and passion? What brings added value to you and the people you love? In deep relationships, love, support, the joy of being here and now. And about the awareness of that moment. It’s just this one, now.

And the idea, waiting many years and hidden somewhere inside me, finally came – and, from this idea, a goal developed. They say miracles happen. But you have to work hard for them. This is also my experience that I want to share with you.


Where there’s a goal, there’s a way!

That’s my motto that drives me through life. When I set a goal, I strive to make it happen – and usually succeed. Persistently and patiently, step by step. With the confidence that everything is right and that everything happens at the right time in the right place. That you always meet the right people and that there are no coincidences. With the awareness that there’s always a way to find, even if it’s sprinkled with deviations, thorns and side roads. But shortcuts don’t exist. You have to walk the whole way. That’s why the Alchemist says that the path is the goal. That path is the hidden treasure we seek. You just have to start, by stepping into the unknown.

When you take the first step, when you show the seriousness of the intention, things fall into place. And if you really believe in something and work in that direction without any doubt, you get to the goal. Which is a new start, again.

From here, together with my family, I drew strength and energy for the project of building the OSMA Educational  and Retreat Resort, which is an oasis of peace and well-being, located on the top of an old village in the heart of the beautiful green island of Krk.

Boutique Resort OSMA

A smaller, modern, boutique space, tucked away in green silence, providing guests with comfort, individuality, security, a break from everyday stress, a connection with authentic nature, an energising experience among the singing of birds and the breath-taking sunset behind Učka mountain, reminding everyone that the world is beautiful and full of small, pristine nooks that offer you a break to recharge your batteries and fill your soul with freedom. The intertwining of all this with autochthonous culinary masterpieces, home-made varieties of wine and olive oil, which are a joy for the palate and one of the important ingredients for the joy of living, is the formula for longevity and quality of life. We can be a part of that aim. That’s the purpose of Boutique Resort OSMA.

So, you can regain your strength and relax. And you can move on again. You can.

Come and see for yourself! Welcome!